What makes someone dateable?

We all know that someone with a sense of humour and good looks is always going to find it easier than others to attract a first date, but have you ever wondered what it takes to be considered dateable? Do the rules of attraction change when we start to think about either short or long term dating potential? Well, according to our latest survey of single Australians, the deciding factors do change. Here are the most appealing factors that first attract singles to their partners, according to the The RSVP Date of the Nation Report 2015:

And here's what will make or break your chances of getting a second date:

It's interesting to note that presentation, manners and social skills rank well above body shape or height. So next time you're feeling a little self conscious about those things, remember that the majority of single Australians aren't even half as concerned as you are. Enjoy your dates, and don't forget to put your best self forward!

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