Online daters are playing for keeps

News flash! It turns out we Australians are a nation of romantics, and online daters are particularly keen to find a keeper, despite the cries of 'romance is dead' we often hear in the media.

According to the our latest Nielsen research which surveyed over 3,300 single Australians, the vast majority of Aussies who date online are playing for keeps. 59% are online to find a long-term relationship and 35% are looking to meet someone they can spend their life with or marry.

Additional survey results showed that seven out of ten Australians aspire to spend the rest of their lives with one person and only 6% of Australian singles are happy with casual encounters. We were pleasantly suprised to see a lot of myths busted in this year's Date of the Nation Report. It's been revealed we really are a pretty romantic lot - and for those who have doubts about where others stand on online dating, the research shows that the majority of Australians who are going online to find dates are there to find authentic relationships that will last. Is this welcome news for you as an online dater, or are you happy to play the field rather than play for keeps?

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