The Autumn Dating Guide

No more pondering if your date can see your sweat patches, or wondering if you should have gone for a brushed cotton instead of a light rayon. Nay, summer dating is for chumps. Sweater weather is better weather.

Embrace all things autumn and start with our seasonal dating guide below - unless you’re an ice-cream (then you should probably just stay in the freezer and sit this round out until next time guys).

We've picked the best parts of the season and translated it into some awesome date ideas.

Autumn leaves

Edith Piaf couldn't have sung it better. Take a country drive! Get out of your local hood! See nature as it’s bursting with colour. It’s only a precious few weeks of the year that you’ll get this chance, so pick a date, any date, and get cracking. FYI – this is more likely a second date idea. No one wants a mystery date picking them up and driving them two hours away from the city to a forest. No one.

If you’re still in first date territory, fear not! Why not visit your local botanical gardens? It might sound a bit naff on page, but trust us, once you get there you’ll probably be quite surprised by how pretty this whole nature thing is. It’s not strenuous or particularly time consuming, and you’ll be wowed by how many conversation starters are hidden in amongst the foliage.

Cider Cider Cider!

It’s apple pickin’ time folks! If you’re blessed to live in Tassie or Tumut, then WHY ARE YOU READING THIS?! Take your date to an apple orchard immediately! For the rest of us, apple season translates to apple juice, which in the adult world translates to cider.

Cider has become hugely popular in recent years, so you’d be hard pressed(!) to find a place that doesn’t have some kind of cider festival / tasting / bottle-o selling cider. Hipster folk drink it by the flagon with good reason: it’s tasty, delicious, typically low alcohol and a great afternoon and evening drink. Check Yelp or TimeOut to see if there are any tastings happening near you.

Crisp Autumn Air + Camping

Camping is intense (and also IN-TENTS) even for the most seasoned couple. Camping should be the modern equivalent of taking a pre-marriage compatibility test. If you can survive sleeping with your beloved on a bed of twigs, in what can only be described as a glorified Aldi bag with holes for doors, then you’re definitely in it for the long haul. In saying that, camping in Autumn is absolutely beautiful, even for the most domesticated of us.

To put a dating-spin on camping, why not suggest an early morning hike or walk somewhere with your new date? Go somewhere where there’s a good chance it will be foggy, or super crystal clear skies in the morning. There’s nothing quite like a crisp start to the morning! If you’re really out to impress, chuck a thermos of tea and some scones into your backpack.

Sweet, sweet Jam.

Seasonal eating is all the rage right now - and rightly so. There’s nothing better than eating fresh produce that hasn't been gas-ripened and sitting in an industrial fridge for the past 6 months.

Take a drive with your date to find a local farmers market or local produce providers. Think home-made jams, apples, mushrooms, pears, pomegranate, lemons, figs and chestnuts! Better yet, buy up and you might get a second date cooking a seasonal treat for your new mate.

Drop it like it’s hot (chocolate).

Frappé fever is officially over. Switch the usual boring coffee date suggestion for something a little more specific (and seasonal!). The best part about a hot chocolate date is that for those of us that are a tad sensitive to caffeine and can’t drink the stuff beyond midday, an afternoon hot chocolate is the perfect solution, and SO on trend. Head to your local Max Brenner and order two Hug Mugs (adorable!).

DH Sam

Image credit: @alejandrachavez.loves Addicted To Floors

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