Create a bang-on first date.

It’s the age-old question that’s plagued us all at some point in our dating lives, “but where shall I take thee to impress thy socks off”? TBH, a ten-course degustation doesn’t always impress - unless you both like eating tiny morsels of ant proportioned food and paying a lot for it. That’s cool too.

Suss out what your date likes – so you can choose a location that's hopefully on the money. Listen to the clues. If your date mentions that they’re terrified of spiders and gets sunburn on a 15 degree, overcast day, then a bush walk probably isn’t up their alley. By the same token – float the idea of a bush walk and picnic if your date seems sporty. And by sporty, we mean more than just having a penchant for active wear.

Have a plan – you’re now the MacGyver of the dating world. You might have Bear Grylls skills in adapting to your scenario, but your date probably isn’t going to have their cossies handy when they thought you were going for Gozleme and an afternoon cider. Avoid places where you might bump into the locals. Taking your date to your local pub or café where your besties are going to Snapchat photos of the two of you together might get awkward. Unless you’re a Kardashian. If you are a Kardashian – please share us on social media. Kthanxbai!

Go somewhere you know. If you’re nervous and naturally inclined to want to throw up on first dates – take the chance factor out of it. Go somewhere you’ve already been (just don’t bang on about how good the potatoes were last time and this time they’re soggy and last time they…waaaah). Alternatively – USE THE GOOGLE MACHINE. Read the reviews, check the drinks menu. To repeat our earlier mantra – have a plan, but be prepared to scrap it.

If you’re really still stuck for ideas, check out the DateHub team’s reviews of ideal date venues. They’re not paid promos, just places we really like to test out for you (and our boss picks up the bill. Cha-ching).

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