The Spanish Fly - Randwick NSW

Tapas is unreal date food. You get to share the food, share the garlic, and share the experience of being momentarily whisked away to an exotic Mediterranean locale.


What you need to know: Cost for two - $70-$110 Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-11pm Sat-Sun 12pm-11pm

Bar - no BYO 35 St Pauls St, Randwick NSW 2031

(02) 9326 4417 Expect lively characters with genuine warmth - the staff want to be there and they want you to have a great date. You'll be delivered great tapas and great chat. Double win. You'll also find possibly the most charismatic barman in all of Randwick at The Spanish Fly. This delightful human, whom shall henceforth be referred to as Avril Lavigne’s Skater Boy, regaled us with eye-witness tales of best dates, craziest dates and everything in between. Don’t be fooled by Skater Boy’s rascal dimples and rough diamond exterior - you’re getting a man who knows how to shake not only mean cocktail, but also his tail-feather and potentially a polaroid picture.

Date Drink: Cocktails. Cocktails. Cocktails. Our favs: the Cosmo with a burnt orange rind, the apple and pear Bang Bang and the Sangria jug. All a knockout - literally - so don’t drink all three unless you’re preparing to wow your date with Ariana Grande vocal stylings on the ride home. Date Dine: ACT I Zucchini flowers for your date (see what we did there...FLOWERS?!), the beef carpaccio (divine) and the surprise favourite - tortellini. All date approved eats, that won’t get stuck in your pearly whites and have your date wondering if you have scurvy. ACT II Ain’t no party like a Portuguese chicken party. The DateHub team went out pretty hard on the Garlic Portuguese Chicken, and yes, there were the obvious side-effects but the collective verdict was: the chicken is sensational - get it on your 18th date.

A safer bet for a first date would be the slow-cooked lamb. Oh Lord that lamb. Our resident Kiwi in the DateHub team typically plays hard to get with lamb, however this one surprised even our toughest DateHubber.

If you've got a vegetarian date, order the chickpea fritters with house-made labna - they're amazing and light enough to allow room for dessert. ACT III Warm chocolate pudding with hazelnut ice-cream - will indeed warm the very cockles of your heart and ice any other lusty dessert temptations (including the Catalan Custard, which ran a close second in the dessert parade). What a finale. The pudding is perfectly shareable, not messy and the sweetest finish to a stellar date - unless you score a goodnight kiss.

The Spanish Fly is an especially dear venue to the DateHub team, as after an evening of paella, chorizo and several Estrella lagers, The DateHub idea was born.

Visit the Spanish Fly today!

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